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Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup

For over 15 years the experienced professionals at Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup have been doing high-quality bio-hazardous cleanup and remediation services. Our focus is on providing our clients with cleanup services during difficult times. We dedicate our time, talent, and experience to delivering outstanding results. We are committed to customer satisfaction and have worked hard to earn our reputation for unmatched, quality work. Referrals and word of mouth from satisfied customers have played a prominent role in bringing us the long and growing list of clients we serve.

The history of our bioremediation company

Ever since we started the company, we’re committed to building our customer base on quality service, hard work, integrity, and fast, compassionate, affordable, cleaning services.  At Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup, every client is important. No matter how difficult the emergency may be, we always do our very best to ensure the scene is always clear of any contaminants and the property is restored to its original condition. We understand our clients are often faced with the difficult task of cleaning up after the injury or death of someone they love, so our staff is always warm, polite, courteous, respectful, and empathetic.

Our compassionate team

Our entire staff of seasoned professionals is fully committed to maintaining the highest standards. They know the OSHA and EPA requirements for crime, trauma, accident, and death scene cleanup and are always in full compliance with them. Plus, even in the face of the most challenging jobs, they always follow the appropriate protocols to eliminate the risk to public health. Our priority remains to provide our clients with excellent service promptly to get their residential, commercial, or industrial property cleaned and restored to the way it was before the incident.

Our goal

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the help you need to put the traumatic incident behind you by cleaning and restoring the scene and giving you peace of mind.
We understand the toll being in a place where someone was seriously injured, murdered, or died from suicide can take on you mentally and physically. We have all the equipment, industrial-strength cleaning supplies, well-trained, experienced technicians, and expertise to handle the bio-hazard level cleanup services our clients need when their home or business has been on the scene of a serious accident where someone was injured or died.

Call us anytime day or night

With one call you can have a team of experienced professionals on your doorstep ready and able to thoroughly clean even the most disgusting, blood-splattered death, accident, or crime scene. We can be there in a flash, clean and restore the area and leave your commercial or residential property looking like the incident never happened. Call today and let us erase every trace of the incident so you can be at peace.


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Once Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup steps in, our crew will begin to remove blood, flesh, and other body materials from a home or business.

The methods that they will use for cleaning an environment will include removing blood from the floors and furniture. If human blood, flesh, or other material is splashed on a room’s walls then it will be removed and the room sanitized.

Crime scene cleaners also sanitize and disinfect places where a body has been slain or a cadaver has been discovered. They also help to gather or collect any further evidence that might have been overlooked during the initial investigation of the area.

Crime Scene Cleanup is a unique industry for cleaning up after crime and suicide scenes. When cleaning up after a crime or suicide, you must be aware of all the diseases an individual carries. A person with HIV or HEP-C can spread the disease to others and this can take time for symptoms to show up over time. All scenes contaminated with blood need to be removed and the area in which the incident happened needs to be disinfected right away. Every job is different so you have to be ready for anything that is thrown your way.

Contagious diseases in blood

Hepatitis B
Chronic Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Chronic Hepatitis C
Hepatitis D
Diseases are contagious from intravenous needles.