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Crime Scene Cleanup Albuquerque

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After a tragic event like a crime or suicide has taken place, and the police and emergency team have left the scene, it is important to have the property thoroughly cleaned. Starting from the cleaning of blood and other bodily fluids to the removal of forensic fingerprint dust, a crime scene cleaning process is an intricate one and should not be done by an unskilled person.

Cleaning up after crime and trauma scenes in Albuquerque, NM 

There is a lot more involved with cleaning up after a death scene and only a trained professional should provide the service. More often crime and suicides seem to become more horrific in nature. In some cases, death is not a factor. When a person is attacked they will try to flee from the scene, so there could be a larger area for the clean-up of blood and other dangerous bodily fluids. If this blood is not cleaned up properly it becomes a health hazard for any individual coming in contact with it. Some of the diseases associated with blood has no cure, such as hepatitis C and AIDS.

If a crime or suicide has occurred at your home or business, it’s important to have certified biohazard remediation specialists to handle the cleanup process. At Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup, we understand that extra care and compassion must be taken when cleaning up a crime scene. As experts in bio-hazard remediation, we will work to restore your property to a livable condition.


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