Commercial Walk-In Freezer Cleanup

Commercial Walk-In Freezer Cleanup In Albuquerque, NM

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The biggest risks of spoiled food after a failed commercial freezer or refrigerator are bacteria and parasites. Depending on how long the freezer has been without power, they can grow within a few hours of food spoiling. Cleaning walk-in freezers can be a horrible job to handle especially if the freezer lost power and you have spoiled food inside. If not managed correctly, a temperature-controlled storage environment that has spoiled products can be a hotbed for mold, which can damage the unit and the products stored inside. Too often these walk-in freezers are not frequently maintained, leaving overwhelming messes for commercial kitchen staff forced to face daunting deep cleanings. Fortunately, Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup is a full bio-hazard remediation company that cleans and will dispose of all rotten food and remove the odor.

Commercial Walk-In Cooler Cleaning In Albuquerque

Walk-in coolers & freezers are where food related businesses store their products, but sometimes it is the walk-in coolers & freezer which are the most neglected! Food waste on the walls, floors, and storage racks can lead to mold and bacteria growth, food contamination and possibly fines! We understand that our clients are many times too busy to deal with deep cleaning their walk-in coolers & freezers. That’s why they call Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup to insure their walk-in coolers & freezers stay clean & food-safe!

Failed Fridge And Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Cleanup

Has your commercial freezer lost power and you have a huge amount of food that is spoiled? Need your Walk-In Cooler professionally cleaned and disinfected? Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup has been cleaning commercial style freezers for over 20 years. No job is too big or too small for our company. We are a local bio-hazard remediation company that services all of New Mexico. Call anytime 24/7! We answer our phones and provide services on holidays as well.

Commercial walk-in freezer cleanup

Failed refrigerator cleanup services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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