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Hoarding is a disorder that begins with collecting everyday items that most people would throw away. This gradually develops into the inability to throw anything in the garbage as they assume they can use it later on.  Items such as newspapers, trash, milk cartons, and even dogs and cats can be collected and as the hoarding problem grows, it can restrict access to areas of the home which can become dangerous.

Cleaning a property of a hoarder can be extremely tough and requires planning, detailed cleaning, and the right equipment to finish the job. Our cleaning professionals are trained to ensure proper clutter removal, bio-hazard disposal, personal content cleaning for items, and general cleanup, sanitizing and deodorizing the home. In most cases, due to the level of hoarding, our highly trained cleaning specialists must utilize protective gear to avoid infection. Not only does a hoarding situation require experts who can resolve the issues, but also employees who treat each client with compassion and respect.

Compassionate Cleaning Services

You don’t have to deal with cleaning your home and trying to decide what needs to be saved or thrown away.  Don’t be afraid to open up and talk to someone you can depend on during this time. Know that you don’t need to do a perfect job or make decisions right away.

Hoarding Cleanup Shows And Intervention

Don’t think for one minute that our cleaning services are going to be like the shows on TV. Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup is a local bio-hazard remediation company that has seen it all. We will judge anyone! We are here to help in any situation you may be facing whether you are the homeowner, family member, or friend. Feel free to talk with our friendly staff anytime at (866) 376-4872

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