AIDS contaminated blood

Aids contaminated blood

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If you are the owner or manager of a property, you need to be aware of the health risk that blood contamination on your property poses. Accidents that lead to blood being spilled on surfaces at your property could potentially spread deadly diseases. Of course, one of the most notorious diseases out there that is spread by contact through blood is AIDS. Aids contaminated blood!

The following are four important things to be aware of regarding AIDS contamination if you need to deal with blood cleanup on your property:

Blood is one of the few bodily fluids that can transmit AIDS (the HIV virus)

Fortunately, AIDS is not readily spread by bodily fluids like saliva and mucus. This factor drastically reduces the contagiousness of the disease. However, AIDS (or the HIV virus) is spread by blood, so it is a health risk you have to consider if you’re dealing with blood cleanup. AIDS is spread through blood if the blood of an infected individual comes into contact with the blood of another individual.

About 1,155,792 Americans are infected with HIV and have infected blood.

According to statistics, there were 1,155,792 Americans who have HIV as of 2014. To put that in perspective, the American population was 318.9 million in 2014. While this means that a very low percentage of Americans are infected, it’s still important to realize that anyone’s blood could potentially be contaminated and many Americans have HIV but don’t know they have it. In fact, an estimated 180,000 Americans above the age of 13 don’t know that they are infected with the condition but have HIV.

Anyone can become HIV infected – Aids contaminated blood

An individual can be infected with AIDS through blood if infected blood comes in contact with an open wound. It is always important to have a biohazard crime and trauma scene cleaning company to clean and dispose of AIDS-contaminated blood. Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup is always available for all emergency cleaning in New Mexico.

It is possible for an individual to become infected with HIV if he or she comes in contact with contaminated blood and that blood is able to enter his or her body through an open wound or through another opening that allows the infected blood to reach the bloodstream.
HIV can survive in dried blood for up to six days.

Blood is very dangerous! AIDS contaminated blood

Eventually, the HIV virus in an infected individual’s blood will die if the blood is outside the body. However, the virus can survive for as long as six days outside of the body before it dies and the blood is no longer capable of passing HIV and AIDS. How long the HIV virus will survive outside the body depends on a variety of factors including the temperature and pH of the environment in which the blood is found.
Blood contamination is best handled by professionals who are experienced in cleaning up bodily fluid spills.

Proper cleanup of blood spills requires through disinfecting so that life-threatening conditions like AIDS can’t be spread. Professional cleanup can protect property owners from liabilities that come up if a health threat exists on a property. The only way to be certain that bodily fluid cleanup is properly handled is to have those who are experienced in handling biological contaminants handle the job. Call Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup for all crime and suicide cleanup in New Mexico. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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AIDS contaminated blood

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