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Bodily Fluid Cleanup: We Clean Up Medical Waste And Bio-hazards in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Today, experts recognize the dangers of allowing blood and other medical waste products to litter property. A vacant lot or an abandoned building frequented by illicit drug abusers pose a serious health threat to the public, for instance. Used syringes and needles, spilled blood, and other bodily fluids on the site all potentially harbor pathogens capable of damaging people. Cleaning and disinfecting these types of sites effectively requires both knowledge and the use of appropriate protective gear.

If you (or your business) own real estate requiring careful bio-hazard remediation, you’ll appreciate learning more about an innovative, specialized cleaning company. Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup focuses exclusively upon cleaning up blood products and other potential bio-hazards (including medical waste products). We frequently assist property owners seeking to ensure land and buildings furnish safe, usable living spaces.

The Importance of Remediating Bio-Hazards in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Environmental health experts recognize blood and other bodily fluids potentially harbor diseases. From Hepatitis to AIDS, viruses and other harmful bacteria and parasites sometimes infect blood. If someone accidentally sustains a jab with a discarded needle dropped by a drug abuser who carries a contagious disease, the injury may even transmit an illness or an infection. Modern clinics and hospitals pay close attention to the correct disposal of medical waste products for this reason.

Property owners cannot always prevent trespassers from entering a site and discarding litter in the area. Yet if a bio-hazard on the premises injures someone visiting the property, such as a prospective buyer, a construction worker, or a new tenant, the landowner sometimes incurs legal liability. The presence of bio-hazards may even render the realty unsuitable for real estate listing and marketing purposes.

Call Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup

Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup offers specialized cleaning services by trained, well-equipped technicians. We help clients restore and revitalize real estate in a variety of situations. For example, consider calling us in any of these circumstances:

  • A nursing home vacates the rental property without cleaning up the site completely;
  • Transients vandalize vacant buildings using human waste;
  • A coroner authorizes a homeowner to commence cleaning following an unattended death on the property;
  • Authorities authorize cleanup after an airplane crashes into a field and leaves debris and human remains scattered across a wide area.

In all these cases, and many others, we offer fast, considerate bio-hazard cleanup services. We seek to help landowners remediate bio-hazards on their property as quickly and discreetly as possible. Our team of specialists assists clients by cleaning up medical waste and blood products effectively, so the real estate can return to a productive condition once again. Contact Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup whenever you require specialized bio-hazard cleanup services!

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