Blood Cleanup Albuquerque, New Mexico


Contact with hazardous blood in a particular crime scene is extremely dangerous. Blood is a bio-hazard human component that can expose individual to numerous number of blood borne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, MRSA, STAPH infections and other transmittable diseases. Accidents happen whether it`s at home or work, need may arise to clean up of chemicals, blood and bodily fluids. It`s advisable that you restrict yourself from the scene until all hazardous materials has been removed, cleaned and completely sanitized by trained technicians. Blood cleanup service is just one of many cleanup services that require seeking a professional help services to ensure safety.

Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup is a company that has highly trained technicians that are always been called for in situations that requires blood cleaning and trauma situations, such as industrial accidents, homicide/suicide, active shooter (mass trauma), medical situations such as gastrointestinal bleeding , and transportation accidents . We are experts in dealing with blood borne pathogens and severe accident that requires blood cleanup.

Why hire a professional?

You need to hire a professional for Blood Cleanup in Albuquerque. Carrying out blood cleanup services by untrained experts is a very dangerous and hazardous one because cleaners have to deal with blood, decomposed bodies, feaces, urine, and dead bodies. Cleaning requires some equipment like, personal protective equipment, biohazard bags, leak-proof sharps containers, brush and dustpan, disinfectant wipes and more others which untrained individuals lack. Transporting hazardous materials to licensed companies for destruction requires legally approved disposal method which only registered and licensed crime scenes companies posses.

At Albuquerque Crime Scene Cleanup our trained and expert technicians, will ensure your blood cleanup service is efficiently carried out , and return to its usual state, and after cleaning the cleaned areas are tested to ensure no biological material is left to cause harm or odor . Our crime scene cleaners offer our immediate cleanup assistance for, public, residential and commercial properties, vehicles and any other place that has been affected negatively and needs to be appropriately cleaned with medical grade products, high-end technologies and experienced technicians.

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Blood Cleanup Albuquerque, New Mexico



Blood Cleanup Albuquerque, New Mexico


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